B.A.C.H. - BlackBerry Applications Central Highway

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Sounds weird, but it all started further to our boss complaints about his big fingers (well, he really talked about “small keyboards”, but we know the truth) and our company security policies about rules to follow for password generation (you know: upper-case letters, numbers, special characters and so on).
«Would it be possible to work with my trusty BlackBerry in order to access data in our intranet via Domino BES without authentication but keeping actual security standards?».
The second half of the question (the one about the security standards) was added after the first reply: «Yes, all we need to do is to assign manager access level to everyone».
Anyway, despite the clarification, the answer continued to be positive.

We can configure our BES in order to access devices data (as associated email or PIN) in HTTP header , finding out the user sending the OTA request, and making the dirty job of authentication in place of him (or her), all in the very deep inner of security policies guaranteed by BES and BlackBerry structure.

And from that arose the idea: what about a central BlackBerry Domino access point in which administrators can configure users profiles (referring to the whole intranet) and developers can use those information to create multi-source applications?
Knowing the user, we can create a single application managing related data from Domino itself, SQL, iSeries, Access databases and others, all because we know what the user can read and write in the whole intranet... and without forcing him to impute his credentials every time.
Besides, a central repository makes maintaining, developing and upgrading jobs a lot more easy to do; and we can take big advantage of PUSH features, developing not only “mobile Domino applications” but “mobile BlackBerry Domino applications”, with all their resulting benefits.
All conceived, planned and designed taking inspiration from Johann Sebastian Bach and the double nature of his wonderful music: a solid, mathematical structure at one side, deep and intense pleasure in listening it at the other.

B.A.C.H. benefits:

- a single Domino repository for administrators to manage, developers to code, users to access
- a single starting point to access applications
- advantages of PUSH features
- easy maintenance and reusable code
- higly customizable and easily upgradeable




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